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Prepper Food Storage

If you're like most people during the Coronavirus/Covid-19 crisis, you don't have loads of prepper food storage.  While it might have seemed unrealistic to a lot of people to buy and store foods for emergencies a few months ago, today it is vital.  Elite Food Storage is offering a wide selection of prepper food storage bundles and individual prepper foods.  

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According to - "No matter how elaborate your setup is or what fancy survival gear you have, none of that matters if you don’t have food or water. Dying due to dehydration or starvation will end your journey pretty darn quick."

Elite Prepper Food Storage:

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It is clear then that food and water are your primary prepper food storage items.  Grocery stores have been running low, selling out, and are now a source for potential infection.  Ordering prepper food storage online means having it shipped straight to your house.  No need to leave and risk your health!

Prepper Food Storage Bundles

In today's climate you likely don't have the time or patience to spend a lot of time choosing prepper food storage items.   For your convenience we offer 6 prepper food storage bundles.  All of these options have free shipping to any address in the lower 48 states in the United States.  Best of all these prepper food bundles are 50% regular prices to help! 

Prepper Breakfast Foods

Breakfast is the first and usually most important meal of the day.  Getting the energy you need to conquer your day is vital.  We offer nutrient rich breakfast options for preppers.  They are easy to prepare, have long shelf life, and will be at your door in a week. 

Prepper Entrees

Whether it is lunch or dinner our prepper food entrees are filling, nutritious, and have what you need to survive.  They are easy to prepare with just needing water.  Most take just minutes to be ready for you and your family.  

Prepper Dessert Foods

While dessert isn't typically something most people consider for prepper food storage, it does help morale!  When people are stressed out from a crisis a taste of something sweeter is a welcome treat.  There are purely dessert options in this prepper food category along with fruits that are popular to add to our cereal and oatmeal.

Prepper Instant Drinks

While water is the primary ingredient in all prepper food, having drinks on hand helps.  Not only do these drink mixes help maintain a sense of normalcy, but they are full of energy!  Our instant milk options also can be used as ingredients in recipes.  

Elite Prepper Food Storage

At Elite we are your source for in stock, fast shipping, and affordable prepper food storage. It is our goal to help you through this crisis by making it easy to get all the food and drink mixes you need.  Going to the grocery store isn't safe right now, and they are running out of things left and right.