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Bulk Freeze Dried Food

Bulk Freeze Dried Food

Elite Food Storage carries the very best bulk freeze dried food kits.  We offer freeze dried food in bulk kits in 6 sizes: 1 Year, 6 Month, 3 Month, 1 Month, Beginner Bundle, and a 72 Hour bulk freeze dried food kits.  Our bundles ship free on orders over $100 USD.  

Bulk Freeze Dried Food Kits

These bulk freeze dried food kits are full of breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods.  In addition we offer a wide selection of desserts and instant drinks. All freeze dried foods are lightweight, so they are easy to take with you on the move.  Preparation is easy with some water and heat. Our kits have a 15 year shelf life, so they are ready for you now and will be for many years to come.

1 Year Freeze Dried Food
1 Year Freeze Dried Food Kit - This kit comes with 4,726 servings.  For a household of 4 people it is enough freeze dried food for about 365 days. 



6 Months Freeze Dried Food6 Month Freeze Dried Food Kit - This kit comes with 2,336 servings.  For a household of 4 people it is enough freeze dried food for about 180 days. 



3 Months Freeze Dried Food

3 Month Freeze Dried Food Kit - This kit comes with 1,162 servings.  For a household of 4 people it is enough freeze dried food for about 90 days. 



1 Month Freeze Dried Food

1 Month Freeze Dried Food Kit - This kit comes with 368 servings. For a household of 4 people it is enough freeze dried food for about 30 days. 



Beginner Freeze Dried Food Kit

Beginner Freeze Dried Food Kit - This kit comes with 100 servings.  For a household of 4 people it is enough freeze dried food for about 1 week. 



72 Hour Freeze Dried Food Kit
72 Hour Freeze Dried Food Kit - This kit comes with 12 servings.  That is enough food for 1 person for 72 hours.  For a family of 4 to last 72 hours you should buy a kit per household member. 


How long each of these kits last is based on 3 meals a day and an average household size of 4 people.  Having a little extra is both wise if the amount of time is uncertain and if you want to have extra freeze dried food. Extra food will last on shelves, can be bartered, or given to friends or other family in need.

Freeze Dried Food Benefits

Freeze dried foods are beloved by preppers and food storage experts. This is due to their long shelf life, ease of preparation, and peace of mind they give.  At B Prepared it is our goal to get this long lasting emergency food to you as quickly and affordably as possible. 

Long Shelf Life

All of our freeze dried foods will last 15 years.  That means if you don’t need to use them during the current economic crisis, you’ll have them for later.  A lot of people buy and rotate their food storage through their pantry and weekly meals. Then replace it as they use it.  This strategy keeps food storage fresh and gets use out of it. 

Just Add Water

The whole point of freeze dried food storage is simplicity.  Grocery stores run out and you need a simple safe way to eat.  Some freeze dried foods such as fruits and potato slices are ready in the bag.  The rest of the foods just need some water and heat to cook.

Peace Of Mind

We never know when disaster might strike.  Earthquakes, pandemics, and other emergencies will leave grocery stores struggling to keep up with demand from hoarders.  Peace of mind is knowing you’ve got what you need at home already. You’ll be able to stand strong is a tidal wave of panic with our freeze dried foods stored safely.  

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping for orders $100 and up.  It is our goal to supply you with the food you need without fighting for it at the grocery stores.  Shipping also means you don’t even need to leave your house. If your area is already on lock down or your immune system is compromised, we have your back!  We ship within 3 days, so you’ll have it within the week. 

50% Off Discount

Elite Food Storage’s entire purpose for existing is to help shore up food shortage needs during the current crisis.  We are in stock, we are selling half price, and for most orders shipping free. It is our expressed goal to help our friends, neighbors, and customers through this trying time. 

What Are Freeze Dried Foods?

Freeze drying is a process that must be done with care.  It is done by flash freezing and then removing 99% of the moisture from the foods.  Removing the water makes the food deterioration and bacteria resistant.  

Freeze drying is accomplished by arranging it onto drying racks and placing them inside freeze drying machines.  The freeze drying machine exposes the foods to rapid temperature drops that preserves the structure of the food. In this process the moisture from the foods becomes a gas that is removed from the freeze drying machine.  

We take it a step further in preserving your freeze dried foods.  All of our foods come in PET metalized pouches. This is the ultimate in long term storage technology. 

Is Freeze Dried Food Bad For You?

Freeze dried food isn’t bad for you.  For example freeze dried berries retain about 90% of their anthocyanins. While freeze dried foods don’t contain 100% of their fresh value, if the grocery stores are empty they are 100% healthier than starving.  In fact once foods have been rehydrated they have similar nutritional value to fresh foods.  

How Do You Store Freeze Dried Food?

Our freeze dried foods are best when stored between 60 and 70 degrees fahrenheit.  That is the range of most homes during all months of the year. Keeping your foods in this range will help retain the maximum nutritional value and taste.  Also by keeping them in the home you will have them when you need them and they won’t be prone to theft. 

How Does Freeze Drying Work?

Freeze drying has 4 main stages: Pretreatment, Freezing, Drying, and Sealing.  The primary components of a freeze drying machine are a chamber, shelving, freezing coils, compressors, and vacuum pumps. These systems work to heat and then flash freeze the foods to release all of the moisture and then evacuate it. 

Freeze Drying Stage 1 - Pretreatment

The very first thing that must be done with foods before they are freeze dried is to check their quality.  Not only just the smell and flavor but to ensure there are no signs of bacteria or spoilage. This ensures that foods will be safe for emergencies.  

Freeze Drying Stage 2 - Freezing

Freezing is where the magic happens.  All of the food is put in the freeze drying machine on shelves.  This chamber is sealed up and the foods are flash frozen. This is accomplished by dropping the temperature inside the chamber to about -110 degrees F.  The benefit of this is that it turns all of the moisture into a solid and it separates from the foods.

Freeze Drying Stage 3 - Drying

Drying is the next step in freeze dried foods.  It is accomplished by dropping the pressure in the chamber which causes sublimation.  Sublimation is the removal of moisture by applying low temperature and pressure. As heat is added to the foods the moisture is released. This process transforms the frozen moisture into a gas that can be sucked out.   The full process of drying may take hours or days to ensure the moisture is out and it is safe to package.

Freeze Drying Stage 4 - Sealing

Sealing, or packaging, is the final step before freeze dried foods are ready to store.  We use metallized PET pouches that protect your food from oxygen and water. Those two elements we depend on to live will ruin long term food storage.  Freeze drying is the preferred method of preserving foods for emergency food supply. The shelf life is unbeatable along with the safety of the foods and ease of preparation.