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Pancakes (6 Servings)
Pancakes (6 Servings)
Pancakes (6 Servings)
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Pancakes (6 Servings)

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Pancake Mix

Servings Per Container: 6

Serving Size: 33g Dry Mix

Net Weight: 7oz (198 g) 


Elite Food Storage Pancake Mix is the quick, easy, and reliable solution for your food storage needs.  Freeze dried to offer you 15 years of shelf life our pancake mix will be ready when you need it.  

  • Easy to make - When an emergency strikes you still need to eat, but don't need the hassle of complicated directions.  Our freeze dried pancakes are easy to make.  Simply mix 1 cup water, 2 teaspoons baking powder, and a pouch of our Pancake mix.  Pour our your batter onto a preheated and greased griddle and cook at 375 degrees for 1 minute per side.
  • Lasts for 15 years - You never know when the shelves will be empty at the store, or you cannot get there.  Stock your pantry with our pancake mix and have it hand for now, camping trips, and if there is every an emergency or food shortage.
  • Versatile food storage -  One of the best features of pancake mix is that it can be used for a wide variety of recipes.  The most common and delicious of which is waffles.  In addition you can use this pancake mix to make muffins, biscuits, scones, and more!
  • Nutrition Made Easy - Each pouch of pancake mix will make 6 servings.  Each serving contains 110 calories, 1.5 grams of fat, 4 grams of protein, calcium and iron. 

Start your mornings right no matter what's going on outside.  Have our pancake mix ready on hand in your pantry and know that even if the stores run out, you've got what you need to survive.   See all of our Breakfast Food Storage options here.

Our products offer honest serving sizes with nutrient-dense calories.

  • No Hydrogenated Oils
  • No Trans Fats
  • No MSG (monosodium glutamate)
  • Easy to prepare – just add to boiling water.

Each pouch of our foods come in metallized PET pouches that provide the amazing long term storage.  In addition to quality packaging our oxygen extraction method helps provide long shelf life, great taste, and the nutrition you need. 

Shelf Life: Up to 15 years from date of manufacture. For best taste and nutritional value, store between 60° F and 70° F.

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